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Interested in teaching English abroad?


There are many teaching jobs in countries around the world and we can help you to qualify. Our Teacher Training Certificate Courses have been recognized and accepted by schools and education authorities around the world since 1998.

We currently offer the following courses:

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) - recognized as THE course for aspiring teachers. This is the qualification most schools ask for.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) - Essentially the same as TESOL but schools in Europe are more familiar with the TEFL designation because of its British origin.

Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) - We were one of the first to make this course available and highly recommend it (after taking TESOL) if you plan to specialize in teaching kindergarten or early primary ages.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (TEFLA) - An excellent second course to take if you plan to specialize in teaching adult learners. Completely different from TESOL/TEFL

Teaching Business English (TBE) - If you plan to teach in a corporate setting, this is a must-have course. It looks at all the areas of business where people need to be able to communicate in English with... staff, customers, suppliers, intermediaries, logistics teams, overseas branches, subsidiaries and head office management in business and social settings.

Most aspiring teachers have ideas of where and what level they would like to teach. For example, "I want to teach adults in Europe." Fine... except for two things.

1. Western Europe is a tough nut to crack for aspiring teachers. We recommend that you consider other places until you gain experience. For example, there are thousands of teaching jobs available in Asia and it is much easier to get hired there. If Europe is your aspiration, save it until you have good experience to show.

2. While you may want to teach adults, it might not happen right away. Most schools are looking for well-rounded teachers who can step into a primary or secondary classroom right away. Universities do not always pay well unless you have a PhD. The rule of thumb is that to teach at the tertiary level, you should have at least one degree level above those you are teaching - so a Masters degree is usually a minimum and PhD is always preferred.

Our recommendation? Our TESOL course is designed to give you more than 24 ESL methodologies. Some of these will work at most ages while others are for certain age groups. Many teachers find themselves being offered positions in regular school and 'moonlight' after school hours or on weekends. This is when adults have time to learn English and there are many language schools offering courses for adults. If Europe is your eventual goal, you might choose a TEFL designation in lieu of TESOL. Essentially the course is the same but a TEFL designation is more known in Europe and preferred in schools that teach British English.

Start with our TESOL course or TEFL course . You can't go wrong. Gain experience in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Central or South America or possibly Eastern Europe. Keep an open mind and you will learn as much as your students, if not more. Click either link in the first line of this paragraph or in the lefthand directory..

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