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About the Sunbridge TEFLA Course

This course is designed for experienced teachers who already have a TESOL or TEFL certificate and who want specific knowledge about teaching English to adults. The fact is that adults learn very differently than children.

Our TESOL/TEFL course provides prospective teachers with knowledge about more than 24 methodologies for teaching ESL. It provides insight into lesson planning, offers many lesson activities and teaching techniques, and shows how to measure success in teaching.  Our TEFLA course presumes that you already have a good knowledge of ESL methodologies. If not, please start by taking our TESOL course - click here to go to the TESOL Course page .

Many overseas teachers in regular schools find themselves being asked to teach adults after school and on weekends.  Some teachers work with language schools that have corporate clients Companies often want their managers and staff to learn English for various reasons.  If you are teaching adults or would like to, then you should take our TEFLA course. It will give you all the information you need to do so effectively and professionally.  

What You will Learn

The TEFLA course covers a lot of ground. It will teach you all about teaching adults generally - why it is different from teaching children

TEFLA will show you how to teach the essentials to adults, teaching idioms, expressions and how to use music and art as teaching aids.  It gives you a good understanding of many forms of ESP (English for Special Purposes), TOEFL and TOEIC so you will be confident in teaching each of these specialized English courses.

It will help you, as an experienced teacher, to learn how to effectively use CALL (Computer-assisted Language Learning) and WALL (Web-assisted Language Learning) with adults. The course even shows you how to develop your own interactive lessons and make them available to your students on the Internet. 

TEFLA Course Outline



Part 1  

Teaching Adult Learners

Intro to Part 1

Chapter   1

Adult Learning

Chapter   2

Creating an Effective Adult Learning Environment

Chapter   3

Building Confidence in Adult Learners

Chapter   4

Motivation and Adult Learners

Chapter   5

Common Learning Problems

Chapter   6

Assessing New Adult Learners

Chapter   7

Multiple Intelligences

Assignment 1

Part 2  

Teaching Adult ESL

Intro to Part 2

Chapter 8

Teaching Adult ESL

Chapter 9

Why Adults want to Learn English

Chapter 10

Developing Listening Skills

Chapter 11

Developing Reading Skills

Chapter 12

Developing Writing Skills

Chapter 13

Developing Speaking Skills

Chapter 14

Teaching English for Computer/Internet

Chapter 15

Developing Cultural Understanding

Chapter 16

Language Experiences

Chapter 17

Teaching Interviewing Skills

Chapter 18

Teaching Idioms and Expressions

Chapter 19

Teaching Slang

Chapter 20

Using Music in the Adult ESL Class

Chapter 21

Art and ESL

Assignment 2

Part 3

Teaching ESL for Special Purposes

Intro to Part 3

Chapter 22

Teaching Academic English

Chapter 23


Chapter 24

Teaching Survival English

Chapter 25

Teaching Business English

Chapter 26

Teaching English for Accounting, Banking ang Finance

Chapter 27

Teaching Legal English (Legalese)

Chapter 28

Teaching Medical English

Chapter 29

Teaching English for Tourism and Hospitality

Chapter 30

Teaching Technical English

Assignment 3

Part 4

ESL using Computer and Internet

Intro to Part 4

Chapter 31

Selecting Software

Chapter 32

Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Chapter 33

Web-assisted Language Learning (WALL)

Chapter 34

Net Lessons

Chapter 35

Adult ESL Standards

Chapter 36

Developing your own ESL Lessons

Assignment 4



Appendix A

Scans Skills

Appendix B

TOEFL Writing and Discussion Topics

Appendix C

The Well-Referenced English Teacher

Comment about out TEFLA course from a recent student:

Please find attached Assignment #4

Wonderful study material and a wealth of references one would never find on their own! This had been, by far, the greatest learning experience I have encountered.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn...and not to be a "Good" Teacher....but a "Better Teacher".


Danny E


Competitive Cost - Great Investment in your future!
Our TEFLA course is competitive and, at only $350.00 US, costs less than most other graduate-level courses.  When you consider the cost of education today, this is a very cost-efficient and time-effective course and a small investment in your continuing education.

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You can register, study and complete the assignments on your computer from anywhere in the world! All you need is access to the Internet.

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Start today and you could be on your way to a foreign country within weeks and an exciting career as a qualified, confident and knowledgeable ESL teacher!

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