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$$ Affiliate Program $$

Would you like to supplement your income?
Could you use another $300-500 or more per month?

 Sunbridge Institute of English offers you the chance
to become an affiliate as an

 Independent Education Consultant (IEC)
and to earn income by telling people about our courses

The Opportunity

Tuition for our teacher training certificate courses is currently $350 USD. As an affiliate, you earn 10% everytime you recommend our course to someone and they enroll. That's $35.00.

Questions People Ask

Does it cost me anything to sign on as an IEC?
No. You can sign on immediately as an affiliate IEC. It's free!

Do I have to take a course to join as an IEC?
No. You don't have to take a course to join the affiliates program!

Do I have a quota to meet?
No. You are never under any obligation to recommend our courses.

When do I get paid?
You will get paid at the end of the month in which a student has fully paid his or her tuition fee. You also receive a statement of all activity in your IEC account.

Can you pay me by PayPal or Payza?
Yes, we can deposit your fee directly into your PayPal or Payza account.

To join, just sign up below... We need your full name, address and email address. If you prefer payments to be made to your PayPal or Payza account, add your PayPal or Payza email address below. All your details are safe with us. We never share them with anyone.

$ign up here:

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  Check your details carefully, then click once on "Join" (Yes, it will go through!)


  (You should receive a confirmation within a couple of days. In case you do not, email us)


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